Donate clothes / Cash for Clothes


Getting rid of clothes from your household may bring joy and warm to others in need. The pieces you have became bored of, outgrown, or is simply disposable due to lack of room or a high number of other clothes, can be donated to different types of organizations and still prove to be useful to another person. Charity organizations make it quite convenient for used clothing disposal by locating their drop-off boxes in several locations of every city. As volunteers they distribute it amongst the ones in need. Churches also gladly accept second-hand products as needy families often turn to their priests for help, especially for their children. Remember, those not only include catholic churches, but also mosques and synagogues. Donating your clothing to a homeless shelter is certainly a good deed. There are several shelters in any major cities that you can find either over the Internet or in a phone book. If none of the above suits you, you can ask whether your family or friends require any of the apparel you are trying to get rid of. People tend not to ask for those, but when offered, those in need will certainly accept and benefit from your generosity. In each of the cases I illustrated above you should make sure the product you are attempting to give to someone else is undamaged and in an acceptable condition as donating rags is never appreciated.


Where to donate your clothes ?


There is plenty of places to donate your clothes - remember its always better to use your local donate center or charity shop. Ask your local council or just Google and you will find solutions how to be "green"


Too busy to go to the charity shop ?


If you don't have time to do that just call us or email, We will collect your clothes for free and even give you extra cash for used clothing!